Pancake Week 2015

Guess what? It's the Pancake Week again!!! Check out my last year's posts on Pancake Week to get you started while I go and cook some goodies to show-off 🙂 1. Pancake Week! 2 & 3. Pancakes Around the World: part 1 and part 2 4. Ukrainian Pancakes   Enjoy and see you soon!


Ukrainian Pancakes – Oladji with Buttermilk

Today I am going to show you how to make traditional Ukrainian pancakes called oladji. Note: some may argue that these are traditionally Ukrainian and insist they are Russian. In all honesty - I don't care. I know what I know from my family and our traditions, dating back to the times of Pushkin! More… Continue reading Ukrainian Pancakes – Oladji with Buttermilk

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Pancakes Around the World, part 2

Prepare yourselves, as this is going to be tough on your bellies.Moroccan cuisine...  My eyes roll and my mouth water... A note to the connoisseurs of international cuisines regarding Moroccan cuisine: my experience has proven that UNLESS you tasted Moroccan cooking IN Morocco, at a LOCAL restaurant, NOT in a fancy touristic one, you have… Continue reading Pancakes Around the World, part 2