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Las Vegas Renaissance Fair 2016

Disclosure: I have to warn you upfront that this post is by no means an exhaustive account of the Age of Chivalry 2016. The festival lasts three days, Friday through Sunday, from 10am to 10pm. There are more than 40 guilds and troupes, over 60 craft vendors, up to 20 stages for performers. I attended only on Saturday and had to leave at around 8pm (yes, right when the real fun was about to begin!) Below are my impressions of the day and characters who caught my eye and touched my heart (some – quite literally!).

Useful info: Location is Sunset Park. Entrance fee is $15/person per day or 3-day pass for $30. Food and drinks, including alcohol is sold by numerous vendors on site – you won’t go hungry! Parking is ample and hassle free in the designated areas, with free shuttle service to and from the festival, every 5-15 minutes.  

Costumes: If you are a costume enthusiast like myself, you will surely arrive dressed up in the best fashion. However, if for some reason you came unprepared, do not fret! You will find everything you may (and may not!) want at the vendors. A shopping-hater in me dies a quick death as soon as I find myself among those fabrics, delicate umbrellas, intricate jewelry, shining armor and noble weapons, precious stones, leather pouches, fairy-tale dust and spices. 

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In the Roman Empire, Caesar was promising to build a wall to keep the “wildlings” away. The crowd was quite amused.

The Barbarian Bourg (aka “the wildlings” 🙂 ) have actually established a strong presence throughout the Land this year. An impressive force they are:

Speaking of the wild side, Pan, an ancient Greek god of the wild, hunting and companion of the nymphs, was a wonderfully amicable creature: (wonder if my friend Aqueliana wrote about him? 


These guys know a thing or two about self-promotion:


I suppose by now you have gotten pretty hungry. Let me walk you through just a couple of taverns with their adorable hosts:

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Have you considered going back to school? Here’s a good option:

And what’s a good knight without a kingdom? Pick wisely, My Lord: 

As the sun sat we found ourselves in the Enchanted Forest (where we met a couple of very cute dragons last year) and I was once again convinced that it is my favorite place! Look, a fairy wagon! 20161008_18275120161008_182943

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The spirit and the guardian of the Enchanted Forest is the Dragon (Norbert?) and he is absolutely magnificent! Thanks to one of the fairies of the Forest for taking these beautiful photos:


Unfortunately, this is where I had to draw the curtain… BUT!! when the sun rises again, you will meet the good men and women of this Land, those whose spirit keeps the Renaissance alive in our dull reality – I mean us, the visitors, of course 🙂 Until next time!  

P.S. If you see yourself or someone you know in the photos, do make yourself known in the comments! 

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