Wish They Stayed Babies Forever – Not! 

I hear this phrase all the time: I wish they could stay babies forever! The sentiment is clear – babies are hard to resist. To be fair, they are created that way for a purpose – so we want to take care of them while they need us to survive!

Moreover, as soon as they achieve their relative independence – can confidently take care of their basic needs themselves – they are not so irresistible anymore. Which does not mean we love them any less! They are just no longer “babies” and we don’t drool over them every minute they are around.

Besides, they beauty of babies and the preciousness that goes with everything about them lies precisely in the fact that it’s fleeting! Do I regret not having made all the dozen little footprints of my Little Love on all available media when he was newborn? Or not having recreated all those gorgeous newborn baby photos from Pinterest? Of course I do! But that does not make his current footprints and pictures any less valuable or adorable!
Today, however, this phrase scared me. Because I realized that babies do stay babies forever if they die. Therefore, in no context it is desired.

Still, it happens. To a 6 month old girl who died of pneumonia in a hospital corridor because… There should not be a “because”!!! But there is. The hospital was over-crowded during an epidemic, there were no beds available in rooms and the sick were placed in beds along hospital walls, doctors could not attend to everyone. This little girl burnt in fever. In the hospital. On a bed. In the corridor.

I do not want babies to stay babies forever.

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