Pictures for Memories or Pictures for Pictures?

Recently we went on a hike to a tiny waterfall here in the mountains. There on the rocks I saw some magical lizards – bright blue with gold, unbelievably fascinating!

Google and Wikipedia tell me they are Plestiodon fasciatus or American five-lined skink .

I was so taken by this wonder of nature that it was only when they all ran away I remembered I had not taken a picture of them (Pictures above are Google Images). But it was OK. After all, I had a chance to SEE these guys with my own eyes, in the wild, not in a picture or TV!

This brought up an old argument discussion with Love: he insists on capturing Every Thing on camera. To me, it often looks like he is observing the surrounding through his phone! And that cannot provide a full picture of reality. I get especially irritated by that when we travel. You see, I want to see, to notice, to observe, to soak in every new place with my own eyes! And nose 🙂 And only then I am ready to take pictures. Sometimes, it’s too late and the object’s gone.

Another example is with Little Love. The majority of pictures we have of him were taken by Love. While I sit and admire how beautiful/clever/fast/touching/funny our baby is, Love takes photos of those moments, saving them for the history 🙂 I get all angry with him for not enjoying the moment, “This is so important and you are missing it!”. But after I scroll through the photos, I am grateful to him for what he does. Otherwise, many many of these special little moments would have been lost irrevocably as our memory is so unreliable.

In the end, Love is right yet again – pictures are better than no pictures.

But that does not excuse terabytes of useless and annoying selfies on the internet!


8 thoughts on “Pictures for Memories or Pictures for Pictures?

  1. I hear ya! 🙂 My husband just walks off and leaves me, then I scurry to catch up. I seem to ‘see’ photos everywhere and can’t resist to capture them. Then we stroll a bit. 🙂 When I look back at the photos afterwards the words come.

    1. Jo, you certainly have an “eye” for photos! And you are putting it to good use – our enjoyment, that is 🙂 As for my Love’s pics, well… If I do not specifically ask to see them, so they will remain – unseen and forgotten 😦

  2. Wow – what a beautiful and unusual little creature. I think I am with your other half Elena – I’m a capturer, can’t help but get the camera out and click away, resulting in very few pictures of me but many of my OH. KL ❤

    1. He-he, lucky him! I am rarely the object of my Love’s camera. He often points it at himself – in the proper setting, of course 🙂 – convinced that I do not like having my picture taken (Wonder how he came up with that idea!)

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