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Addiction: Stimulating and Relaxing

I am an aggressively anti fashionable-hype person. I do not chase Pokemon, I have never played Angry Birds, I can’t recognize a Kardashian. I do however watch Game of Thrones. But I have my opinions about it that are… well, let’s just say that the majority do not see things my way. Here’s what happened when I got curious about one recent popular “thing”.

It could not have escaped you that according to some research of a some surely prominent University, coloring is a most beneficial activity for adults. It is supposed to lower stress levels, help relax and concentrate at the same time, promote creativity and so on and so on. How did we survive up to this day without coloring our lives away?!

I got this coloring book at a dollar section in Target. “Mandala” was what caught me eye, not the coloring bs. The small print explains: “Stimulating and Relaxing Art Therapy”


Beautiful mandalas, good quality paper, each page is subtly pre-colored in pastel hues, unobtrusively suggesting a way, eliminating the fear of a blank page. Really lovely.

Here’s an example:

So,  I took my crayons and…. got hooked. Not relaxed, but surely stimulated. To a point where I cannot do anything else util I finish this picture!

With that said (shown, rather), I must warn you, innocent curious people – coloring is highly addictive! If you have a life – don’t take up coloring. If you want to have a life  -don’t take up coloring! If you are looking for a hobby to keep you distracted for a short period of time – don’t take up coloring! But if you want your life to become much more colorful and “stimulated” – coloring is definitely for you! Give me your address and I will gladly mail you this beautiful coloring book – there is still plenty to enjoy for hours (days, lunch breaks, evenings and nights).


4 thoughts on “Addiction: Stimulating and Relaxing

  1. I was thinking from part way down that you obviously have an addictive personality, Elena, but you’re obviously way tidier than me! I’d go over the lines and spoil it then I’d be cross with myself. 😦 Best not mail it to me. I’ll just admire yours. 🙂

    1. I avoided that trouble altogether by using wax crayons – I was bound to go over lines, that’s just the nature of those crayons 🙂 Now I’m proud to announce that coloring no longer prevents me from doing The Important Things 🙂 I’m all about scrapbooking!

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