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Learning to Express Myself

Since Little Love was born, I have lost the ability to express myself with words in a way that would convey what I am trying to say, to form coherent sentences that would express what I mean clearly or at least understandably. Most times I am painfully dissatisfied with how what I think comes out of my mouth.

It happens daily. Here’s an example:

The other day Little Love and I were at a World Market Cost Plus. He was walking around, grabbing everything in his sight, climbing on every piece of furniture that happened to be along his way – being a regular 1 year old. I was doing my best to protect him and the surrounding from getting hurt or broken – being a regular mom of the said 1 year old.

A guy holding a globe passes by and sais: “I have just started on this journey (i.e. parenthood). I have a 30-day old. Any advice?”

My brain farts, I freeze up for awkwardly long and come up with “Hang on!” To his confused face I explain: “Hang on in there.” His facial muscles relax and he waves good-bye. I, in an attempt to fix the situation, shout out “I will get better!”, but the guy has already left.

I have realized that the conversation went terribly wrong almost immediately. What I should have – and wanted to! – said was

– take it a day at a time

– there are more good days than bad ones!

– first 6 weeks are easy – they only sleep and eat – enjoy this blessed time!

– 6 weeks to 4-6 months are the most difficult – baby wakes up to the world around it and God help you three to settle in to a new routine that you can live by

– exhaustion – physical and emotional – kicks in at around month 3. Drop the bolt on everything but the baby.

– it gets so much fun when they start to crawl!

– and the fun does not end since then 🙂

But perhaps, the most important thing – and the only that matters to a new parent, really – I should have said is that every day brings joy and new joys, with the intensity you have not expected.

There. It was good exercise. I put my thoughts into words in a way that satisfies me. Next time someone asks me for advice, I’d be prepared!


2 thoughts on “Learning to Express Myself

  1. Lovely Elena, certainly an eye-opener to your new world! It sounds like you are doing an incredible job and I’m sure your post will bring comfort to others going through this too. KL ❤

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