Along my way

I’m back

Hello dear WordPressers! I have missed you so much!

I am back to blogging and this time it’s rock or bust.

I’d like to explain my absence to those few who have been sweetly kind to care to stop by once in a while and to those who still remember this blog.

In October 2014 Love (my husband) and I took a trip to Europe. As filling impression- and sensation-wise as it was, despite tons of photos and stories and places and walks, I could not resume my blogging pace ever since.

Reason is this:

IMG_3405 (1)

Little Love was born in July 2015 and has become my Greatest Challenge, in every sense πŸ™‚ So challenging this parenting thing turned out, that Love and I have completely forgotten about our wedding anniversary and remembered about it almost a month after!

In October/November 2015 I tried to return to blogging full-time – even signed up for NaBloPoMo! Just to drop out on week 2 – but I overestimated myself and underestimated the baby. Hence a couple of embarrassing low-quality content posts which I apologize for and will delete in the coming weeks.

Now our Little Love is 1 year old. I am one year more experienced. So, him and I have managed to find common ground on the burning questions of nap time and bed time to a point where I can afford to blog again!

My hope is to publish once a week, as well as participate in Jo’s Monday Walks, some of WP Prompts and Paula’s photo challengesΒ at least once in a while.

To everyone who turned blogging into so much more than journaling Β – thank you! Thank you for creating this special community where I feel so good that no matter how much time passes, I always want to return to!

15 thoughts on “I’m back

    1. Thank you, my dear! Missed you a lot! Many times in the past year I remembered what you once said – that blogging helped you save your sanity (smth along these lines). I was surprised then and I still wonder – how in the world did you make time to blog daily during the first baby year!?!

      1. Hahaha! I blogged only once a week back then 😁 And I blogged almost exclusively from my phone, with the baby in my lap πŸ˜‚ But yes, it helped keep me sane! Motherhood is hard and having a network of understanding and supportive blogging friends really did make a difference

      2. Yep, communication is a powerful antidote for over tired moms πŸ™‚ I blog to get distracted from parenting and to remind myself that there’s more about me than being a mother (a horrible confession, I know!) πŸ™‚

    1. Blogging seems to be my weapon of choice to battle a severe case of “Mommy Brain” πŸ™‚ an effort to restore my ability to express myself coherently. Also, smartphone makes blogging easy in a physical sense. And of course I can only do it when he is sleeping!

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