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A Savior in a Witch Costume

There isn’t a better way to kick off Christmas season than a Santa Parade and Tree Lighting ceremony, right? Well, wrong! Any, literally any other way but that is better if you mean Las Vegas Town Square Parade. And I MEAN Las Vegas Town Square Santa Parade.
Imagine yourself stuck in the middle of an ocean-size crowd of people, kids and strollers with a stroller of your own and a 4 month old who is having a panic attach (who wouldn’t in such apocalyptic circumstances!?) To make matters worse, to get out you need to move in the direction opposite to the crowd’s!
A girl dressed in a costume of a witch volunteers to steer my stroller out while I conquer the ocean with a baby in my arms. More too, she dips into a restaurant that has an exit onto the other – crowd-less!! – side! A savior she is, no less.

Oh, in case you were wondering, I did not see the Santa parade nor did I witness the Tree Lighting. All my efforts and attention were focused on how to not let the crowd crush my baby. Go figure…

   Angry side note to Town Square management: this was NOT a kid-friendly event by any stretch of imagination! Anticipated number of visitors should be posted clearly on every advertising source.

One thought on “A Savior in a Witch Costume

  1. Oh Elena, sounds frantic! It is people who help in those circumstances that give you faith in human kindness. It’s amazing how a small act can change someone’s day. 🙂

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