Writing Challenge

How to Post on a Saturday?

I used to blog on my job. I started blogging because I had a full-time job which provided me with the time I could spend reading and writing. That is why I never posted on a weekend – I was too busy 🙂 But participating in NaBloPoMo requires posting every day and today is Saturday. Now, that’s a pickle.

So I came up with a How to Post on a Saturday algorithm:

  1. Wake up to a thought: “I need to write a blog post”
  2. Spend the whole day fixating over it and frantically looking for something to write about
  3. Come up with a brilliant idea for a blog post
  4. Procrastinate
  5. Sit down to write
  6. Discard the idiotic idea you had thought of
  7. Write about the bland reality of life 🙂

Here’s to fun and creative weekend!

What’s your trick to posting on a weekend?

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