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15 Degrees Friday

I don’t really like to post about how badly my day went because well, bad days happen to every one of us, more often than desired. How fun would blogging be if all there was to read were “bad day” posts? However today is so screwed that it deserves to be mentioned.


It was suspiciously cold at night. I mean inside our bedroom, under a winter blanket it was. I shrugged it off making a mental note to reprogram our thermostat. But in the morning the temperature dropped below freezing – freezing my hands, ears and nose off, that is. Still inside the bedroom. Under the blanket!
Lucky for me, Love had to get up, so he went to check the thermostat. Guess what? It did not seem to be working properly. Or at all, for that matter. Love changed its batteries and left for work, both of us happy. Well, not so fast. It’s past noon and the heating has not turned on. It’s 15 degrees = 59 Fahrenheit INSIDE!!!
Bloody thermostat is not giving in – I programmed and re-programmed the thing, I switched it off and back on, I took batteries out and back in, I simply increased the temperature to start the furnace – no result. We are officially heat-deprived.
Yes, I realize we are in warm Las Vegas where the sun always shines, not in New York or other winter- stricken area. But still – a place comes with expectations. And I expect mine to be realized!
Tough times call for tough actions, we remembered there’s a fireplace in the middle of the house (what are the chances, right?)


Two years in this house, but we have not turned it on once. Now seems to be the perfect moment. Or is it? I did not even know if it’s a gas or wood burning one. Google to the rescue and behold – ours is wood burning. Better still – we have a couple logs in the garage!
I checked the flue with a piece of burning paper – seems to be flowing just fine.
The logs are in, the key to turn on the gas in my hand, I’m ready to heat it up! Wish me luck…

3 thoughts on “15 Degrees Friday

  1. I hope it turned out well for you! First time a fireplace is used can get tricky! Did you manage to fix the thermostat? Or did the fireplace help matters?

    1. Dear N., thank you for your sweet concern over my well-being 😉 I did turn on the fireplace and even burnt one log! Coziest of feelings, hands down. Glad to report that the thermostat has also been fixed (just needed new batteries, the ones we thought were “fresh” apparently were quite dead). How are you keeping warm up there?

      1. I’m glad to hear everything turned out well in the end :p I’m in Pennsylvania and it’s actually not that cold here these days, so enjoying the relatively pleasant weather while it lasts!

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