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Renaissance Fair in Las Vegas – Jo’s Monday Walk

Perhaps, Las Vegas is the most unlikely place for a Renaissance Fair. But guess what? Age of Chivalry ( is a tremendously popular event!  It’s an open-air festival, held annually in the beginning of October. The location could not be better – a huge park with shady trees, green grass and a lake turns into a Medieval city, with its own King and Queen, royalty, knights fighting for honor, pirates looking for riches, craftsmen boasting their trade, exotic belly dancers, fiddlers and scoundrels.

Vendor Village is the fist to welcome a  newcomer. Hats, parasols, gems, swords, fairy wings, costumes, leather goods, crowns and tiaras, magic in a bottle, and a crocodile skin – there is something for every one! Mind, these craftsmen are a tough lot to bargain with.

20151010_140254 20151010_140410 20151010_140510 20151010_140632-1 20151010_144140 20151010_144151-1

If you are strong enough to resist the temptations of the artisans, forbidden pleasures of exotic dance will not let you pass easily:

20151010_141008   20151010_174757 20151010_181418

The Village is a melting pot. This lovely Viking couple shattered all stereotypes 🙂


Musketeers, a Roman couple, monks,  pirates and simply cut-throats live peacefully side by side:

20151010_145541 20151010_151217-120151010_145537-1 20151010_151129-1   20151010_144945-1 20151010_151742-120151010_172259-120151010_171100-2-1

As expected, any Medieval village is full of creatures of not only human nature:

20151010_144546-1 20151010_174508

20151010_145708 20151010_170606-1

Speaking of magic, this little wood house is “larger from the inside”, if you know what I mean 😉


But a true gem of the day were the ladies!

20151010_145227            20151010_145434 20151010_151958-1

Look at these couples! Wouldn’t it be a treat to pass a glass of ale in their company!

20151010_190040-1 20151010_152952 20151010_181702      20151010_182701-1

Now let us proceed through the Village. Here’s the Pirate Port and they are always hiring:

20151010_172659  20151010_173027-120151010_173627-1 20151010_174336

A bit further down the road are proud craftsmen, making candles and woven rugs as well as weapons, among other things:

20151010_172732-1 20151010_17560120151010_17575620151010_175801

Now you don’t want to mingle with these guys, so consider yourself warned:

20151010_17333320151010_17331920151010_181424    20151010_175835

The day would not be complete if we had not stumbled upon Robin Hood and met a real fairy 🙂

20151010_190346-1     20151010_190602

I hope you enjoyed a day in a Medieval Village as much as we did!

P.S. Great thank you for all the participants who made this day so spectacular! If you happen to see yourself in the pictures – do make yourself known in the comments!

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