An Extra Pocket DIY

I’ve always been a pants and flats kind of girl, I take comfy over fancy any time, thank you very much. Best thing about pants? Pockets! For phones, wallets, napkins, keys and hands. Yes, all of that in one pair of pants. I’m telling you – pockets rule!

Recently I’m experiencing painful lack of pockets. Due to obvious lack of pants – pants are not the most convenient of clothes to wear around in the house in the desert heat. But as we well know, lack of something is only noticed when said something is in need. My need for a pocket gradually grew so pressing, that I decided to make a pocket. After all, why do I have My Pressshs if not to rescue me from such dire circumstances?

The whole project took about 20 minutes. And from this:20150926_124631

To this is went in a breeze:Β 

20150927_143234 20150927_143311 20150927_143250 Β 20151002_144542

That’s right, I needed a pocket to carry my phone and another very important device on me at all times without constantly missing one or the other or both! Now I tie the rope around my waist and enjoy a hands-free-always-on-me freedom.

Instructions will follow shortly πŸ™‚

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