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Pancake Week – You Have Not Tasted This One Before

Home That We Built - msemmen
Home That We Built – msemmen

Not pancakes, not even crepes, though sometimes referred as such, MSEMMEN are a favorite Moroccan treat. These fried envelopes of puff dough are to die for! Traditionally served all deep-dipped in honey-butter sauce with Moroccan mint tea, they are the best for afternoon tea (or my all time favorite late night late night ceremony).

   They are also frequently stuffed with ground meat, sauteed veggies or fruit. (My personal “thing” is banana, cut into circles and sprinkled with cinnamon).

   To celebrate the Pancake Week, I decided to do msemmen justice and treat Love on such a Morocco-UN-related occasion 🙂

Home That We Built
Home That We Built

   Stage 1: Oil the work surface. That’s right, fight that instinctive motion to sprinkle flour!

  Stage 2: Use your hands to flatten the dough ball into a very thin circle. Forget the dough roller – Moroccans are magicians when it comes to using hands in the kitchen! 20150218_210152

   Stage 3:  Put a table spoon full of filling in the middle. I used chicken liver, cut into tiny pieces, sauteed with onions, tomatoes, spices and cilantro. Love suggested sprinkling it with fresh onions – surely he is the Highest Authority here.


   Stage 4: Fold it like an envelope.. Sprinkle some semolina flour on each fold.

Fold to top over the filling. Sprinkle semolina.
Fold to bottom like so. Sprinkle semolina.
Flip it over and fold the edges onto the back side of the envelope (the side it was lying on a minute ago), one by one. Step back and admire your cute envelope.

   Stage 5. This is the funny part. Flatten the envelope. It will get messy. There will be holes and the filling will try to escape. That is why you needed to fold the edges backwards – to provide extra support to the base on this stage. Keep your calm and gently but persistently press your palm over the envelope to flatten it as reasonably possible. The idea here is to flatten and spread the folds of the dough so it is is nice and light when fried. Like so:


   Stage 6.  Melt couple table spoon fulls of butter. Use your fingers to sprinkle couple drops of melted butter onto a pre-heated frying pan.  Turn the heat to low. Fry msemmen on both sides until the dough is cooked. It’ll be easy to tell, honest. Like so:

20150218_211036   Stage 7. This one is just for lucky count 🙂 Eat the msemmen!

Have a tasty Pancake Week, guys!

12 thoughts on “Pancake Week – You Have Not Tasted This One Before

  1. Very nice! There is a different variation that gulf countries make with eggs, tomato, and cilantro stuffed in middle or use shredded lamb instead. Either way its good!

      1. I haven’t tried it yet with cheese yet but cheese goes well with almost everything. I would definately try.

      2. absolutely! By the way, I just thought of this great Georgian and Armenian thing with melted cheese – hachapuri – a yum of a lifetime!! Gotta make some – come back some time later – I’ll surely post about it!

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