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A Sandwich A Day

55470-dsc_0224   What is the best companion for your morning coffee? Milk? Cream? Sugar? No! It’s cheese sandwich! Grilled, toasted, on a slice of fresh and crunchy baguette or on a whole wheat bun – does not really matter, as long as there is cheese, butter and nothing else.

   You see, I am a sandwich person (is that a real category?) I would gladly substitute most meals with sandwiches. Not only cheese ones in this case, don’t get me wrong. One can enjoy wonderful healthy and delicious sandwiches, should there be willing. And imagination. And desire to experiment. (Psst: I found out the hard way that radishes is a no-no in my sandwich).

   But back to that disturbing “nothing else” in the previous paragraph. I love me some turkey breast with cheese and tomato as a light dinner option. On certain days I would kill for a good juicy burger (not the healthiest choice, I hear you!). But when it comes to a morning coffee, there are only a few things better than a cheese no-ham sandwich for me, thank you!

Go try and give me your feedback!


   P.S. How strange that I do not have a photo of my own sandwich to show-off. Priorities, priorities…

4 thoughts on “A Sandwich A Day

  1. I am with you…. I am a huge sandwich lover… My favorite is the classic one: ham and cheese … But I also like chicken and turkeys sandwiches (quite a lot)… All the best to you!, Aquileana 😀

  2. I love cheese too. When I was younger, I can easily eat half a big bar of cheese. It also reminds me of the many joyful moments of my childhood. My mom used to make cheese sandwich for me and my siblings. She also like to make cheese pemiento spread which is mainly cheese, pepper pemiento and evaporated milk with a tiny bit of sugar…Yum! Have a wonderful week ahead.

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