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Pinterest and Wish Maps – How To?

   I hope you’ve already started collecting images for your 2015 Wish Map, which is due for completion by February 19, 2015.

   The most burning question of creating a Wish Map is: Where do I get those images that perfectly reflect what I want?!

                   Google image

   Back in the day I used magazines. Stacks of glossy magazines. And scissors. I have never really bought any magazines, but I started collecting old ones from anywhere I could lay my hands on them: friends, doctor’s office, Pottery Barn, Ikea, Pier 1 catalogs, etc.  It was a daunting task: find the best fit for the image in my head, get as many pictures enough to cover my whole board, spot the perfect slogan I felt made sense to me, and to cut, cut, cut it all out. Surprisingly, thinking back to those years, I had enjoyed it to A LOT. Perhaps, because the task had a purpose and this purpose was my own. It was not too cook for a husband, to improve typing skills for a boss. It was for me, for myself, doing something that gave me pleasure and was mine alone.


   Today there is Pinterest. For those already using Pinterest, it’s a handy tool in making a Wish Map. Simply looking at your boards and pins will make what you wish for perfectly clear. I have about 30 boards. That is because I organize my pins meticulously.   A board for Coffee Tables, a board for window treatments, a board for places I want to visit, a board for Morocco, a board for cooking – you got the idea. So, my priorities – that is if I had any doubts about it – are my house, travelling, learning to cook, learning Moroccan and doing some sports. Pretty straightforward.

   If you know what it is you wish for, Pinterest is a great resource to find the Perfect Image and pin it to a specially created “Wish Map 2015” board for future use (my own Wish Map 2014 board here).

   But once you are ready to get down to business, meaning to cut-and-paste your carefully selected images onto a physical board,  Pinterest is not much help. Of course, some of you – the tech savvy ones – might be tempted by the short-cut, to save the board as a .PDF file, print it out and have the brand-new Wish Map ready. Well, not all short-cuts are created equal. And this particular one does not suit our purposes.

   Let me explain. I pick a board (Coffee Table DIY), press Ctrl+P (or choose “Print” in your browser menu), in the opened dialogue window choose Landscape layout (don’t skip this step!) and choose “Save as PDF”.

 Here is what I get:

Pinterest_Page_1 Pinterest_Page_2 Pinterest_Page_3

   First of all, I do not need scriptures below every image. Secondly, there is not way to position the pins according to required sectors: Love, Travel, Home, etc. Hence, saving a Pinterest board as a PDF or even printing it right off of the web-site won’t do the trick.

   But do not despair! What I’m about to share is a bit time consuming. But so is cutting out of pictures  from magazines! I save the pins that I need to my PC and print them out as a next step. Besides the obvious absence of comments below the image, this allows me to 1. Choose the size I want the image to be printed out in and 2. Glue the image to where I need it to be.

And here is the best part: all the pictures will have straight corners! No wavy, curly, awkwardly shaped cut-outs that are hard to fit on the board and consequently fill in the empty spots! Win-Win!

  Psst! Same technique can be used to get images from Google – save the image to your PC, print it out in the necessary size and enjoy putting your 2015 Wish Map together!

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