Writing Challenge

“Good Morning!” My Way or Two Right Feet

In response to The Daily Post’s writing prompt: “Two Right Feet.”


  I surprised myself today, when – for the first time in my life – I analysed how exactly I am getting out of bed. Turns out, it is my left foot that touches the soft carpet first, while the right foot is being put a warm bathrobe-feel sock on. No socks are involved if it’s above my personal “comfortably warm” outside my bed. But you know what? I think I just lied. There hardly ever is a time when I go sock-less at home.

   Back to feet. After completing my analysis, I am convinced that the First-Foot-Down solely depends on what side of bed one sleeps. I sleep on the right. To get out of bed, I turn left. Hence, the first foot down is my left foot. And vice-versa. No personal preferences, pure physiology.

   Staying on the subject, I proceed with physiology, but will omit the details.

   Oh, right, there’s the Kettle-for-Coffee procedure preceding the above.


   While the Kettle is doing its job, I wash my hair. Yes, I have short hair. And yes – I wash it daily. Morningly, to be precise.

   Finally, I arrive to the most invaluable and day-forming experience  of my morning – breakfast.  It’s always dessert-style. I can have cottage cheese, corn flakes or a sandwich, if I have to, but that’s cheating. Breakfast equals bakery. Cakes, croissants, buns, you name it – that’s my breakfast!

   How otherwise would I be able to maintain such a sunny and positive disposition towards this world ?!


10 thoughts on ““Good Morning!” My Way or Two Right Feet

  1. Do these socks look anything like yours? They look festive 🙂 Cakes for breakfast – mmm I would love to live your decadent life 😉 I can’t imagine washing my hair daily – it takes too much time. I have to dry mine for a whole hour or longer.

    1. Well, of course – your hair is not made for daily wash! Mine is short – gets done in 15 mins top. yep, those r very similar to my socks – i gotta show them off! And oh do come for a visit – we run on cakes & desert – type foods 🙂

  2. Oh and btw, I also watch my hair every single day :p People keep telling me I’ll go bald but if I haven’t lost the hair after washing it everyday for 29 years, I think I’ll be fine for the next 29 years :p

  3. Lol! I’m with you on the physiology part. It would be extremely awkward to get out of bed with the right foot first when you sleep on the left side..
    Breakfast! My reason for waking (that and a hyperactive baby)! I’m more of a buttered toast with eggs kind of girl though :p

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