DIY Hobby Lobby Inspired Antiqued Scone

While looking for a demi-lune shelf or a console table for our entrance, I saw this cute wall scone on Hobby Lobby website:

via Hobby Lobby
via Hobby Lobby

It hit me – I can DIY! And I have just the right thing for it.  Since I got this real heavy (3.5 pounds!) fella from a thrift store for $2.50, it’s  been sitting and waiting for a little TLC.

Before CollageNow it’s time to shine has come! All you need is an ugly scone, an old hairy paint brush, Martha Stewart Metallic Acrylic Pint ($2 at Wallmart will last you for ever), a damp cloth and 10 minutes of your time.

I cleaned the scone with a de-greasing window cleaner and let it dry. Then I just took my old and hairy brush, dipped it in a tiny bit of the metallic paint and brushed it all over the scone, in horizontal strokes. Why  horizontal, when the ornament is naturally vertical? Turns out, horizontal strokes produced a better “antique” effect. Guess, it’s because vertical strokes gave a perfect polished new look to the project which was a bummer in my case. After glazing, I wiped the paint with a damp paper napkin here and there for a distressed look.  And ta-da! A Hobby Lobby inspired wall scone for $5 (FREE for me as I had all the supplies on hand!)  instead of $30!

After collageWhy am I not showing the bottom (or the top, to be exact) of my newly antiqued scone? Because it’s a part of whole other project which is still due 🙂

But here is a sneak peek: Hobby Lobby wall shelves that inspired my next project:

PicMonkey Collage

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