5 Element Yin Water Cure to Subdue Aggression in 2014

2014 is a Yang year of Wood Horse, one of three consecutive years when Fire energy is peaking, it’s strong and aggressive.

The element that brings most good fortune in 2014 is Earth, which energizes the year element of Fire. Therefore, placing crystals, river rocks around your home as well as wearing gemstones, preferably of red color, Β should attract good fortune your way.

On the other hand Fire, though beneficial, should be contained wisely to prevent overflowing but not to put down completely. Top much of Fire energy causes aggressive conflicts, turbulence in relationships and unpredictable conflicts. To protect the peace of your home, make use of a 5 Element Yin Water Cure. Besides being a powerful tool for balancing energies, the 5 Element Yin Water Cure is also an attractive and unconventional decor element πŸ™‚

The best place for this cure is inside the house, within the sight of your front door. Mine, for instance, is arguably the first thing one notices stepping into the house:


How to make the 5 Element Yin Water Cure:

Take 5 small glasses and fill them with water. Then, place the following color stones into each of the glass, each color into a separate glass, so that the stones are submerged:

Black (or dark blue, as in my case) stones signify Water element. Traditionally, Water represents power and authority. Black stones placed in water amplify the Water energy, which is missing in the annual chart this year.

Yellow stones signify Earth element, which represents Creativity and Intelligence. This year Earth is necessary to keep Fire under control, thus balancing the year’s energies.

White stones signify Metal, which stands for Wealth and Prosperity.

Green stones are for Wood element. Wood is Growth and Resourcefulness. Wood enjoys a powerful presence in 2014 πŸ™‚

And red stones signify Fire. Fire stands for Fame and Reputation and though good as it sounds, too much of something is never a good thing. So, symbolically placing Fire element under Water, we keep it under control, to prevent destructive jealousy, violent anger and pointless arguments.20140811_002115You are welcome to use colored glasses, according to the colors of 5 elements, such as these, for example, and there is no restriction on the shape or size!

Untitled 2

Don’t forget to change water and wash the glasses as the water evaporates. And mind that the stones should be completely submerged πŸ™‚

Please share photos of your own 5 Element Yin Water Cures!


4 thoughts on “5 Element Yin Water Cure to Subdue Aggression in 2014

  1. That’s interesting!

    The multi colored decoration might disrupt the (Japanese) Wa of my apartment, but I’m going to make a Yin Water Cure Salad as my photo contribution to your post. πŸ™‚

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