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Odessa 220

Odessa is the third largest city in Ukraine, a seaport and a hot tourist destination on the Black Sea. Today, September 2nd is Odessa’s birthday. She is 220 years old 🙂

The city of Odessa was founded in 1794 by a decree of the Empress Catherine the Great, for which the Odessites are endlessly grateful, having named one of the central streets in her name and establishing quite an impressive monument with a hint of typical Odessa humor. The monument is a column with a full-sized Empress holding the Decree on the top. The bottom, however, is guarded by four male figures who contributed to the creation and well-being of the city. A couple out of the four were Catherine’s lovers 🙂Stitched Panorama

Home That We Built, 2010
Home That We Built, 2010

Potemkin Stairs with the statue of Duke de Richelieu is another famous – guess, The most famous – Odessa place-mark. As any other significant place, the giant staircase bore many names throughout the turbulent history. The current name stuck from the Soviet times. The stars is about 30 meters high, but 142 meters long, with 192 steps. Opened in 1841, there were exactly 200 steps descending right into the sea. However, construction of the port and the street below “ate up” 8 steps later on.

Potemkin stairs That’s what the Stairs looks like today. The Stairs in 1890-1990 is in the middle. To the right is what the place looks like on April Fool’s, the Independence Day and the Birthday of Odessa 🙂

This year Potemkin Stairs was dressed in yellow and blue – national flag of Ukraine – on the Independence Day.

via GoPro Selfie
via GoPro Selfie

 Duke de Richelieu was one of the forefathers to Odessa, it’s first Mayor. A modern look, a peek into the past and the recent Independence Day look. By the way, the Square of Catherine the Great with the above described monument, is right behind the Duke.



Duke 2

The last of the three most well-known and loved symbols of Odessa is our Opera and Ballet Theater.  This impressive building in neo-baroque style opened to public in 1887, replacing the original theater destroyed by fire.  Here more than anywhere a picture is worth a thousand words and no picture is enough to give credit to our pride and joy:


Home That We Built, 2010
Home That We Built, 2010

Interior from the stage:

via Wikipedia

The ceiling with a 2 ton, 9-meter chandelier:

 The stage curtain:

via Wikipedia

Interior stairs:

Ukraine, Odessa, May 2013
Home That We Built, 2010

Happy Birthday, Odessa!

9 thoughts on “Odessa 220

  1. It does not matter that the pics are borrowed, I am grateful for the chance to see it. If you had taken the pictures of Opera, they would have been packed with visitors 😉 Is that you in the pic above?

  2. What a BEAUTIFUL opera theatre, Jouena ! – and how good-looking Odessa is ! You have given her a super birthday present by posting about her: imagine if everyone from Odessa did that … It would be … wonderful !
    But yours is pretty wonderful, anyway ! 😀

    1. M-R, you just made my effort worthwhile! Yes, our Opera Theater is jaw-droppingly beautiful, both inside and out! The only thing I’m sorry about is that I do not have many of my own pictures of Odessa. Despite being deeply attached and admiring my city, I hardly have a dozen shots of it! That proves we take too much of what’s important in our lives for granted and don’t even realize it! Here’s one more reason to go back for a visit soon 🙂

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