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Saturday Delivery – Singer in da house!

I wished for it – I  asked for it – I ordered it – I waited for it. And waited for it. And waited for it. You know the feeling – my hands were itching to get’em on this ‘gal!

Long story short (he-he), she arrived to my doorstep one hot early morning in August.

20140821_192720 And we immediately got to work:


Which 24 hours later resulted in you-know-what 😉

Dining Room RevealNow she is waiting patiently for our next job – the nook cushion!


So, how’s a Singer for a BFF? (meaning Best Friend Forever, not that other thing you might have had in mind!)


6 thoughts on “Saturday Delivery – Singer in da house!

  1. Your creation looks gorgeous! I used to do lots of sewing including making curtains and clothes for the kids when they were little. Then the wanderlust and adventure bug took over. 🙂

  2. Unfortunately I don’t have a talent for sewing, but I love to see what others do. Great photos, and that looks like a dream machine that I would want, for sure!!!

    1. Linda, thank you for kind words! But I have never sewn in my life before! I just have a passion for beautifying my home. But cushions, pillows, curtains, aprons and such like cost ridiculous money in stores! So, I opted for a cheaper and a more personalized approach 🙂 And there are loads of tutorials online to walk one through virtually any project! As they say, where there is a wish – there is a way, right?

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