House Makeover

Dining Room Drapes Reveal

Dining Room Reveal

You might have seen this picture before. This was my inspiration photo for my dining room.

via Pinterest
via Pinterest

You might have also seen my sad dining room from before, looking empty and calling for attention:


After a year of gloominess, I gratefully adorned it with a picture gallery wall (see my post on the Gallery Wall Reveal here):


But that was not enough, as in my mind, no room is complete and ready for enjoyable living without curtains. Or drapery, which is a better term in my case, suggests  grandeur, y’all feelin’ it?

It took me a while to find the perfect fabric. The search for the perfect hooks, a.k.a. drapery hooks or tie-backs, was long and painful. It took me even longer to make the curtains, even after having the hooks in place (you should have seen me high under the ceiling on that  8,5 ft ladder balancing the drill, measuring tape, screws, hammer and a pencil stuck behind an ear!) But last weekend was the time to get it done. And guess what? I had it DONE! I sewed my own very first curtains! AND I hanged them, too!

Now, our sad dining room is finally The Grand Dining Room is deserves to be! (Nevermind the old smallish table and the fact that the dining room serves as a Grand Office for Love at the moment)!



Let’s take a good “Before and After” look, shall we?

Dining Room Reveal

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