Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Woman

Numerology of Days

Numerology is a belief in special mystical relationship between a number and a coinciding event.

Modern numerology contains aspects of a variety of ancient cultures and teachers, including Babylonia, Pythagoras and his followers (Greece, 6th century B.C.), astrological philosophy from Hellenistic Alexandria, early Christian mysticism, early Gnostics, the Hebrew system of the Kabbalah, The Hindu Vedas, the Chinese “Circle of the Dead”, Egyptian “Book of the Masters of the Secret House” (Ritual of the Dead).

Most commonly, Numerology uses simple numbers from 1 to 9, each number bearing special meaning. However, there are systems which assign special meaning to number 11 and 23, for instance.

Numerology assigns a number not only to a date, but also to letters, therefore every name can be characterized according to a number it represents. a=1, b=2, c=3, and so on, going  to j=1, k=2, l=3 and over again. Then just sum up all the numbers in a name. Reduce the result to a one-digit number which is the Number of a Name.

To illustrate, let’s take my name. Elena. E=5, l=3, e=5, n=5, a=1. Let’s do the math: 5+3+5+5+1=19. Reducing a double digit number to one-digit: 19=1+9 = 10; 10=1+0=1. Therefore, my name number is 1. Now just refer to the meaning of the number for names. You can find the meaning of numbers in a name all around the web, here are a few: and What’s Your Sign.

However, I am not a big fan of Numerology for names. Instead, I resort to Numerology of Days quite often. Every important event in my life I try to schedule on a date, auspicious for me. Besides knowing my Day of Vitality and my Day of  Obstacles from Feng-Shui (to know yours, check my post Your Lucky Day), I also calculate an auspicious number of the date, making sure the meaning of the day corresponds with the purpose of my event.

For example, I try to schedule a job interview or taking a test on a Wednesday with day #8, as it’s meaning is “a power day”. This method has not failed me yet 🙂

To calculate the number of any given day, use the same math method as described above: sum up all the numbers and reduce the result to a one-digit figure.

Say, today is August 22, 2014. That is 8/22/2014. So, the math goes like this: 8+2+2+2+0+1+4=19. Reducing to one-digit: 19=1+9=20, which is again reduced to 20=2+0=2. Thus, the number of August 22, 2014 is 2.

Universal & Personal Days Meaning


 A very busy day with new starts and major decisions. Be honest, assertive, innovative and courageous, forge ahead and take the lead and aim for the top.


 Make compromises, just listen. Pay attention to details, wait patiently, study, go with the flow, form partnerships and be sensitive. Do not push.


 A day to socialize, take action, share laughter, have a party. Use your imagination and creativity. Take a short business trip. Speculate if you wish or buy a lottery ticket, but watch out for extravagances!


 A good day for taking care of business. Settle down and send out roots. Organizing, being practical and getting the work done is enjoyable. Take care of your finances and sign contracts, but only if you understand them fully.


 A time for a break. Travel, take action, communicate, expect changes or surprises. You feel restless and want to break  free. Enjoy yourself.


 A day for creating harmony and improving your surroundings. Being responsible, getting married, taking care of anyone and everything. Cooperation will bring results.


 Time out day. Meditate, go for a walk, be alone, read a book. Back up your computer and learn new things.


 A power day. You feel in charge, dress the part, make decisions and have a global outlook and get things done almost effortlessly.


 No nonsense day. You catch up on your to-do list. You’re energetic and creative, attract money and are emotional and drawn to spirituality.


 Today you can trust your intuition as it is very accurate. Also your diplomacy skills are very good today. Be open to spiritual insights. Also read the info for the number 2 as 11 is a Master Number and amplifies the single digit vibration.


 For outstanding success cooperate with today’s circumstances and when not pushed beyond your endurance you will be surprised that your outperform yourself.

Also read the info for the number 4 as 22 is a Master Number and amplifies the single digit vibration.


 Today you are in love with the world and the world is in love with you. Create harmony, balance, music and art. Bring love into the lives of everyone you meet.

Also read the info for the number 6 as  33 is a Master Number and amplifies the single digit vibration.

And, as always, I have my own personal favorite. This piece of paper has been a good reference for me for years and traveled with me all the way from Ukraine:

Pag3e 1


 Hope you will find Numerology of Days as helpful as I have!

Good luck 🙂

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