On Rogues, a Woman and an Unfortunate Event

This is a rare occasion when a perfectly Russian song is not only professionally translated, but is performed by amazingly talented musicians! 

The name of the band is An Unfortunate Event – Neschastnyj Sluchaj, in Russain, and they’ve been around for couple decades, loved and admired. They write lyrics and music for most of their songs. However, from time to time they put a famous poem to their music, or do translations of highly popular songs into Russian, like “Et ci tu n existais pas” (video below). 

But the song I want to show you today is quite unique. First of all, because it is a translation from Russian into English. The song itself is known to every single person all around former Soviet Union. It is a so-called street song, about love, of course. It’s a gangster song, so naturally, it ends badly. Murka is the name of a girl who the song is about and who gets being shot at the end. The song dates back to 1930s and there have been multiple versions of it through the years. One of them is especially famous as it mentions my hometown Odessa famous for its gangster years.

Murka by An Unfortunate Event:

Just in case you are curious, here is Et ci tu n existais pas by An Unfortunate Event, as I promised:

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