Baking Disaster


Need I say  more?

This is for all those who consider me a good cook – cool down, people!

For those aspiring bakers out there – don’t despair and don’t give up on your efforts! Shit happens. You can’t avoid it, word. Do you think I have any idea why this lemon cake did not come out the tasty spongy deliciously perfect way it was supposed to? I don’t. Was it the first time I attempted this recipe? No, it was not. Did I forget to add flour, turn on the oven or made any other ridiculous mistake of which there are scores? I honestly don’t think so.

Anyway, we have been violently deprived of breakfast this morning. Therefore, I am going to make another cake tonight and then we shall see who laughs last!


6 thoughts on “Baking Disaster

  1. That seems totally unlike you, Jouena – but I’m also aware that you’ve never been one to hide this kind of disaster. Obviously something was done differently – unless your oven had a surge of gas or power (not knowing which runs it) … and that’s a possibility, too.
    By now you’ve rectified the situation and the two of you are replete (long since !) with delicious brekky. Juse as well, eh ? [grin]

    1. Alas! Setting my hopes high on tonight’s effort (which is due in another 5 hours). The oven runs on gas and though I prefer gas to electrical oven any day, it’s always a little gamble 🙂 I’ll report on our cooperation!

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