Shebakia, ultimate Moroccan sesame cookie

Ramadan is almost over and I could not help cooking the most traditional Moroccan cookie – Shebakia. It’s a sesame cookie, coated in honey, crunchy, chewy and very exotic! In two words – it’s quite one of a kind. Here I must warn you in case you are rushing Google for the recipe (which by the way are ample out there) – it’s NOT an easy and quick thing to make. Above all, it requires crafty hands and patience.

Honestly, I have NO idea how I had managed the task successfully, given my natural lack of both mentioned virtues. But this is the good news for you – you CAN do it, too!

I will not bore you with a very detailed step-by-step cooking process, so, I skip the dough mixing stage and jump straight to the fun part.

This is what I started with (well, almost):


20130709_140731This is the minimum requirement, easily achievable:


This is how you begin shaping the Shebakia:


Don’t ask me to explain how exactly the cookie gains its lovely flower shape, but this is the result you are striving for:

20130709_143058And then again, and again, and many more times over again:

20130709_151410And a close-up:

20130709_151419Then you fry the to-be cookies in oil, both sides:

20130709_153303 20130709_153454When they become lovely deep golden color – dip them in hot honey (yes, I know, A LOT of honey and A LOT of oil – but trust me – TOTALLY worth it!):

20130709_153614When completely soaked in honey, take them beauties out and sprinkle with sesame seeds. Taram! Please welcome – Shebakia, the ultimate Moroccan sesame cookie!


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14 thoughts on “Shebakia, ultimate Moroccan sesame cookie

      1. Good grief ! – how super ! πŸ˜€
        How amazingly clever of me – not to mention you for making them …
        Are there any delectable goodies in the Arabic cuisine that don’t take the rest of your life to make …? she said hopefully …

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