Ural, Biker, Blues

A biker and blues go together, no question about that, but what the hell is this “Ural” work in the title? – you might think. And so you should πŸ™‚ Ural is a large geographical area in Russia, around the Ural mountains. Quite picturesque, too. Rivers, mountains – you get the view. But for the purposes of this post, Ural is a classical Soviet sidecar motorcycles. Note this, very important – bike with a sidecar. Very impressive, very heavy, very sturdy. But by now VERY old. And as rumor has it, being an offspring of Soviet automotive industry, it would run a lifetime (no one actually knows how long IS the lifetime of an Ural, though), but would stop and break every TOO often, testing the patience, wit and resourcefulness of the rider.

The band Chizh and Co. are as classical Russian Rock representatives as Ural is to Soviet motorcycles: everlasting pleasure!

The song is about a hitchhiker with a Gibson guitar (obviously, the band lead singer himself) who is picked up by a girl named Valentine riding an Ural bike. She picks him up, he sings to her while they are riding until the engine dies. Our hero climbs out of the sidecar and while Valentina struggles to fix the damned machine, he drinks up a flask of pure alcohol, singing the Ural Biker Blues. Finally, the engine gives in and they are on the road again.

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