Emerald Pools @ Zion

Emerald Pools – isn’t that a wonderful name?! Enough to set me going to check out the trail! So, Emerald Pools is about a 4 hour round trip trail combining several trails of easy to moderate difficulty. It is wonderful hike in the jungle (well, almost ;)) to a waterfall and up along a cascade of pools created by mountain springs. The climb is not strenuous at all, but must pleasantly refreshing, most unexpectedly green and all in all – most enjoyable.

This is how Zion salutes the Sun:



This is the Virgin River, the major force that is still sculpting the face of Zion Canyon today:  20140704_074243

There, behind the great green, is the Lower Pool, with hardly visible waterfall:20140704_083136

This is the Middle Pool – the panorama from here is the most breathtaking! See the cliff edge? Trust me, it’s TOO far down. This is where the water falls to the Lower Pool in that lovely waterfall 20140704_085931

This is the Upper Pool, at least that’s what we gathered as no matter how much higher we climbed, there was no trace of any other pool. This is a tiny pool hidden in rocks.

A magical place! 20140704_093201

I could not get away without the view from the top – enjoy!

7 thoughts on “Emerald Pools @ Zion

  1. Oh, GLORIOUS, Jouena ! – especially the wet edge pool ! 🙂 I had no idea until your previous post on Zion that such verdant beauty was so comparatively close to LV; and I have derived immense enjoyment from all your shots. Thanks HEAPS !!!

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