Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Woman

What it Takes to Be Happy (On Sleep and Day Regimen)

If you want to change your Karma, influence your destiny and be happy you should get up before 6 AM.  People who get up after 6 AM have no chance to improve their destiny and Karma.  That is according to ancient knowledge.

If a person keeps to a day regimen, happiness comes right in, no need to pray for it, no extra efforts required. Stick to your day regimen and you’ll be blessed – that’s how this Universe works. Reason is simple: the Universe blesses any activity if completed within certain time of day. That is, every deed has its time. If you know this secret, you will do what you need to at a certain time and will easily enjoy the best result.

Those who get up from 4 to 5 AM are full of energy, capable of overcoming their inner foes, life struggles, achieve great material success. These people are leaders by nature.

Those who get up  from 5 to 6 AM have the ability to achieve what they want in life, to live comfortably, not to suffer any serious problems or illnesses, but they will never reach the peak of their fortune, won’t leave a mark in history.

Those who get up from 6 AM to 7 AM  have missed their chance for any significant impact and achievement,  they lack in energy, suffer from chronic diseases, are always late, miss chances, regret and don’t have enough time to complete what they had wanted/planned to complete.

Here is the secret for success and happiness I mentioned in the beginning: When will certain activity have the best results during the day?

Before 6 AM is the best time for meditation and prayer.

From 6 to 8 AM is the time when memory works best. If you need to memorize something, this is the best hour for such activity. You will easily remember and be able to use the information effectively if memorized during this hour.  Even people with weak memory are able to memorize things productively at this hour.

From 8 to 9 AM is the time for logical thinking.

From 9 to 10 AM is the time for statistics, organization and paperwork.

From 10 to 11 AM is a good time for management –  give orders, supervise activity.

By 11 AM the time to study productively is over.   Still wonder why kids go to school in the morning and not after 2 PM?

11 AM – 2 PM is lunch time, when food is digested best.

From 12 PM to 6 PM is the time for active labor – both physical or mental.

After 6 PM one should cease any active activity and calm down. It’s good time for reading, listening, communicating.

By 10 PM one should be in bed. Not surprisingly, the cosmetology industry proclaims 9 PM – 11 PM time as Beauty Sleep Time. It is indeed most beneficial to go to bed as early as 9 PM because our brain relaxes and rests exactly during these few hours. After that, if you go to be after 11 PM, your brain does not rest, it is your body that does, while the brain is working. That is why we get up tired and exhausted, we feel we are not well-rested. That is why it is so easy to stay up all night if you have survived sleepless til after midnight.

I realize this schedule may not be adequate to many modern women, but you try to practice this regimen as close as possible for a month, you will see surprising positive results: you will have more energy during the day, more time to deal with you to-do list and even start and finish new projects! I have started running in the mornings when I decided to try this schedule! Now I feel better than when I was in College!

Try for yourself and let me know how it played out for you!

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