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What’s in a Name… Ice-Cream!

Before I had my reasons to want to come to the United States. (Wanna ask which?)

Now I have found my reason to stay:

20140611_202853Ice-cream? – you will ask. Ice-Cream! – I will scream. But not just any ice-cream. Blue Bell ice-cream is righteously advertised as the tastiest ice-cream there is. I do not buy into advertising. That is exactly why I bought a bowl. To prove them wrong. Alas! It IS the tastiest ice-cream I have tasted in years! It is the forgotten taste of ice-cream made of real milk, in the pre-processed era of my childhood. But that was not enough to proclaim that bowl as my ultimate reason to stay in the U.S.

THIS bowl is the reason. Do you see the flavor? Enough said. Now you either go get yourself a bowl of Ultimate Ice-Cream or choke of saliva.


8 thoughts on “What’s in a Name… Ice-Cream!

    1. Oh, don’t even mention that! Its too hot in Vegas to do any kind of calorie burning activity so all I can do is eat buckets if ice-cream and get fatter hoping the heat will melt my extra : )

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