Along my way

Special Things

You know, can’t do without them.

Not a breath without them.

No leaf moves in the garden

Not a rain drop on a window, no soft pet to warn your toes.

They are tiny, dear and common.

They are too natural to be noticed.

You notice them only when they disappear.

And then it’s all so empty.

Every second makes the loss more palpable.

Irreversibility pierces through and stings with a million tiny sharpest needles.

And fear creeps in.

It comes with a whisper, announcing their every next disappearance.

And our desire to hold on to them only intensifies the grip of fear taking hold of us.

It is emptiness we fear. Fear of emptiness and desolation.

When hope dies with the departure of the very last of them and emptiness engulfs your essence.

And life stops, frozen from the lack of love.

Then, only memories remain.

And so you start to recall them all, one after another, desperately trying to grasp the tiniest sparkles of warmth. The warmth they have accumulated while living with you, inseparably from you, which they would gladly give back if only…

Clutching at a straw, you give them names hoping they would hear and understand…

Understand that without them you are not you,

That for you there is no breathe nor fly

But only wait, wait…

They are the touches.

Tenderly tender or full of care.

Passionate or playful.

With finger tips, a palm or a tip of a tongue.

And this is love.

They are words.

Tender or full of passion, careful or spoken in jest.

Words of love, eternal vows,

And moans… sensual moans and muffled sobs.

Shouts of jubilation and sobbing convulsions.

And tenderness.

And faithfulness.

And this is love.

They are the looks.

Eye to eye.

Hand in hand.

Heart pumping in unison.

And tenderness.

And eternity.

And this is love.

But no word, no look can warm away the fear.

Can’t revive with a breath or a song.

And only a memory will live in the cold empty desolation…

4 thoughts on “Special Things

  1. I shall very happily indeed give this post not only a ‘like’ but also a 5-stars … if you tell me that everything is fine …

      1. And now – silly me ! – I find the little stars have disappeared. Tsk ! Consider yourself to have received 5, OK ? 🙂

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