A Mantra for Peace

And sometimes I listen to mantras. Om Mani Padme Hum is a beautiful one, of course. There are many many others – for peace of mind, wish fulfilling, health bringing, mantras for Tara the Great Goddess and so on. Interestingly, one does not really need to know what the words of a mantra mean. It is usually enough just to listen to the sound to feel some kind of relief and calmness. The believers say singing mantras inevitably brings what is desired.  I don’t sing mantras to get the benefit. In fact, I don’t really sing them at all,  hum along perhaps, when I am stressed out or drained energetically. I like listening to mantras when I cook, do the dishes, clean up the house. Listening to mantras pacifies my mind.

I am grateful there are people out there who sing mantras my way, the way I can absorb the sounds. One of such is a mantra sang by Tina Turner

Which are your favorite mantras?

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