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It’s Alive! – Dining Room Gallery Wall Reveal

As we did not go travelling over the Memorial Weekend, I used the time off to catch up on some projects I had been itching to start and complete for a while. One of such was to add life to our dining room. It is a large practically useless completely lifeless space in the middle (well, almost) of the house. Why useless? Because being a family of two young adults, we could not care less for eating in our dining room! However, it is a room we walk through every day and it has all the potential to be an eye-candy, if not particularly useful. This is our poor dining room in its lifeless misery:


I have been itching to add personality to it since we moved in 6 months ago. But as you all know, decoration projects do not come easy. By the way, the story of that plate is here.

Easter gave me a wonderful opportunity to add some color and life:


I think, one of the most tested and proven ways to add life to any space is a gallery wall. And this is exactly what I set up setting up this past weekend! It took a bit of frames collecting and a lot of Pinterest browsing.

Staging the gallery wall required a practical approach. This is what the process looked like, stage by stage:

20140525_124557 20140525_124730 20140525_124918 20140525_125125

Guess, which of the layouts is the winner?

Then there was cutting and sticking. Cut the shapes of the frames out any paper (or even plastic bags!) and stick them (with a painter’s tape, no pins or scotch tape!) to the wall in approximately the layout you have chosen. Stick, take a step back, observe and absorb. You have got to find the perfect distance between the frames in proportion to the wall and the room as a whole.  I got to the point of satisfaction in about four attempts of shifting the stuck papers-frames closer or further from each other.  20140525_212026

And here is the great reveal:


The next step is adding custom drapery!

A couple of tips that I found helpful (some of them might be ridiculously obvious, but nevertheless):

1. Contour the frames on a piece of paper to have an ideal imprint to work with.

2. If you have different frames, I suggest write a name/mark on every paper-frame, otherwise you will quickly loose track of which goes where.

3. To make your orientation easier, mark the center of your entire wall. I have also drawn thin pencil horizontal and vertical lines dividing the space exactly in the middle.  It helped a lot to position the frames on equal distances from each other!

4.  Proportion creates a real classy look. Even half-inch deviation from the chosen ideal spoils the effect. Measure the distance between the frames carefully and stick to it after you have chosen your layout.

Enjoy the effect a simple change has on our surroundings!

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8 thoughts on “It’s Alive! – Dining Room Gallery Wall Reveal

  1. This is amazing. I don’t think I have a decorators bone in my body but after seeing this I am inspired. Having moved to a place not previously lived in by my sister, I hadn’t the least Idea what to do to make it homely. I hung curtains and that’s pretty much it. But now I know that some uniquely arranged pictures can make a world of difference.

    1. Wow, what an excited comment! I humbly accept it as a highest praise, my dear! Welcome to my blog – I hope you stick around as I am just aboit to start posting again and I have a TON of home decorating and makeover projects to share 🙂

      1. I am kinda not new to your blog. I just fell off the scene for a while. You even had a baby and moved to the states. Wow, so much as changed and your blog as grown so much as well. I will definitely be looking out for more.

  2. Terrific, Jouena ! – I’ll bet you’re REALLY chuffed! – and so you should be ! The change just by putting gallery on a wall is amazing .

      1. You want to discuss taking photos with ME ?? – yer off yer head, woman ! I am the world’s WORST ! [grin]

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