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All You Need is Water

Happy Memorial Day!  Three day weekend usually starts with planning. Planning a To Do list,  which mainly consists of projects you had meant to but never got to, but which are nevertheless a must to. Thanks god, my tomatoes are not on that list!  Turns out, all a raised bed needs is water!  And very little interference on my behald. Having said that, I could not stay away from the plants all three days in a row!  So, here is an update of how my tomatoes and peppers are doing and looking.

May 7: two tomatoes and a pepper. First blooms got my very excited!




May 20. Wild freedom. This monstrosity is an heirloom. Who knew?


May 25. Taming of the shrew ( hope the guy survives my expression of care unharmed)


What do your plants look like now?

4 thoughts on “All You Need is Water

  1. Your garden is looking marvellous, Jouena – I hope you’re pleased with your efforts ! I certainly would be (if I were able to raise anything at all to eat, which I’m not) ! 🙂

    1. Thnx! It does look promising and I am a little surprised at the result myself having a long history of violent plant deaths. How is your little flowering pal doing? A wonderful surprise it gave you when it started blooming after years in hibernation!

      1. That single blossom died off, after having been there for not all that long; and there’s NO SIGN of another one. What we call ‘a sport’, I believe. 😀

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