Women in Singing [in Russian] part 2

As promised, I am excited to present to you my favorite female singer, singing in Russian.

Diana Arbenina emerged into popularity with a band called “Night Snipers“. She plays the guitar, naturally, and is a song-writer herself which makes me admire her immensely!  Despite being a perfect example of modern Russian rock, her texts are deeply lyrical, shiveringly emotional and… wait for it… meaning-FULL. To top it all (or rather this is exactly why I love her), she has My Kind of Voice.

One thing I want to mention about Diana that is dear to my heart, is that in many of her her songs she clearly bases off of the style of old Russian Ballads, so called “Russian Romance” (I know some refer to it as Gypsy songs, but I wouldn’t go that far).  She also puts poems Anna Akhnmatova, Marina Tsvetayeva and Garcia Lorka to music and performs those on concerts accompanied by an acoustic guitar.

This first song is about her short trip to Cuba (the girl is from St. Peterborough, mind you) during a cold Russian winter.  In one word, she liked it in Cuba 🙂

This one is not as widely famous, but… it’s got something for me, I guess. “They don’t sing Reggae about you” is a sad love song. But you don’t need me to tell you that – you hear it yourself in her voice even if you don’t understand  the lyrics!

Finally, this last song is perhaps one their most popular, famous and known. Mass love does not make it any worse in this rare case:

Enjoy and let me know what you think!


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