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Mint Dream Reality

I had a Dream. That One Day my daily Cup of Tea will be filled with flavor of Fresh Mint grown in My Backyard.

20140507_064349What might have  appeared as an unremarkable Tuesday to you, was a Dream Come True day for me. Ever since vising Morocco for the first time, I was addicted to their tea. Don’t get me wrong, I come from a family of tea-drinkers, where tea substituted water and any other liquid, consumed in limitless amounts  throughout the day (and most nights when I started living alone). But you see, our tea was black tea. And I am not talking the Great Russian Samovar and a separate cute “Mrs. Pots” tea-brewer kettle. We were a very modern family, we brewed our tea directly in our cups, dark and sugarless was the kind my family preferred. My little cousin tried adding milk to hers when she was still to young to appreciate the flavor, or even sweetened condensed milk – just imagine that! Strong brewed tea with sugar meant that my grandmother was fighting one of her migraines. It’s a good remedy for my headaches now.

Moroccan Mint Tea is nothing like Russian tea. It is green. And sweet. So sweet your palate gets sticky. And it is served in beautiful small glasses, instead of large European cups.  But the main ingredient in Moroccan tea is mint. Fresh mint. A whole bunch of fresh mint to a half-liter (16 oz) tea-pot! Like this:

20140506_184544Last night was the first time since I got hooked on the mint tea I could make my evening tea with a bunch of fresh mint. My own mint. That’s right. At last, after numerous attempts and years of failure, I have luscious mint growing in my back yard! Now I have enough fresh mint to provide myself with as many cups of tea as I can fit throughout summer and to store some dry mint for the winter!

20140507_064312 To celebrate,  I took out a new set of tea-cups (Got them as s present from Love for Easter).


 How do you like your tea? Is ice cold with lemon your choice?

2 thoughts on “Mint Dream Reality

  1. Oh, bravo, Jouena !! – tickled pink for you. I know the thrill of seeing a herb thrive. But I also know that it will inevitably be eaten by horrible chewing things & kark very soon. So I could have maybe a week of your yummy mint tea. As for you, you can go on drinking it with joy and enormous satisfaction. GOOD ON YOU !!!

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