Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Woman

Keep Calm and Do Your Dishes

How have you all been doing since last Friday? Have you cooked anything special? Have you baked any goodies?

Today I want to recommend that you wash your dishes yourself. By hand. Daily.


I can almost hear the swirl of arguments you all have against washing dishes! The main being – I have no time for that! And like such: I can do something else, something much more pleasing or urgent instead of washing the dishes by hand!

You sure can.
Two questions, though: how long does it take you to load your dishwasher? How long does it take you to put everything in place after the machine is done?
Is seems to take some 15 minutes out of my life…
Which I could have spent washing the dishes. I would be done in 15 minutes, believe me!

Hear me on this one: I do not mean you do the washing after a party of 10. Or after cooking for that party of 10. Let’s be realistic – a dishwasher is a good helper in dire straits.


What I mean is washing the dishes every night, to leave no dirty, stinking stuff in the sink! Your kitchen and breakfast place would greet you absolutely differently in the morning!

Besides, leaving food (there still is the remains of food on dirty dishes, you know) to rot in the sink overnight is nothing but spreading bacteria. Being frequented by roaches and ants? Do your dishes and clean the crumbs from kitchen counter-tops and dining tables every night before bed – this is the most powerful magic trick out there!


Now let’s talk about the symbolic side of washing the dishes by hand every night and what benefits it brings to a modern woman.

There is an old saying that goes something like: “Dirty Dishes in Dirty Minds”. Alright, I re-phrased it slightly for my cause but you get the point! Decay of one’s mind is most visibly reflected in one’s surrounding.

Since time immemorial, women have been washing the dishes. It was a natural way of housekeeping. No-one has ever went on strike against washing the dishes. There has never been a fight over a piece of legislation concerning dishes. Because washing the dishes is an inevitable part of daily life, of a family life, the life in a house which claims to be a home.

Now, I’m not saying women do not rebel against this chore. Oh we do! Which is why we have plastic dishes, cups and flatware at our disposal any time we are overwhelmed and fed up with dirty dishes. Which is why we have dishwashers – thank God for this invention!

Today, in the midst of our Unbearably Hectic Schedules, Incomprehensible Amount of Activities on out Numerous To-Do Lists, taking 15 minutes out of your evening to simply stay still brings incomparable value! I take this time to analyse the past day, or to think over plans for the weekend, sometimes I plunge into memories, or try to solve a relationship question in my head. My favorite way to spend my 15 minutes of washing the dishes is to learn to switch my mind off, to screen myself from every and all troubles and to relax my mind, to pace myself, midst all the “I Wants” to look around and appreciate what I was blessed with, to bring myself to a better, calmer state, to be able to hug my Love consciously and affectionately afterwards instead of being emotionally distant. You can turn on a TV show during these 15 mins while doing something Very Important for the Well-Being of  your family, at NO COST to YOU!

Added benefit of doing the dishes after dinner: no extra effort needed to scrub off stuck on food!

Give it a chance,you might be surprised at a positive outcome 🙂

3 thoughts on “Keep Calm and Do Your Dishes

  1. I cant believe you get that much out of washing dishes. Dishwashers aren’t common where I am as many things, to include laundry, are done the traditional way. But even though I always wash my dishes by hand, I have never experienced the peace which you describe. I am always annoyed by the process but the reward is seeing the kitchen clean.

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