Women in Singing

Confession: I do not like women singing. The pitch is often too high for me ears, it irritates me.

Correction: I do not like MOST women singing in modern music. Guess, it’s deeply instinctive jealousy of sorts. I realized I do not like women singing after listening to some of my Love’s favorite women actually singing. There you go  – honest confession.

Which does not mean that I do not respect the real talent when I get to hear one. Alison Crauss and Katie Melua, for instance, are real diamonds, voices like crystal, deserve all kind of praise! But I am physically incapable to listen even one song to the end…

However, there are couple of women who I enjoy listening to a lot! These even include 2 of  Love’s all time favorites:  Ma’am Dolly Parton and Mizz Shania Twain. And Norah Jones, too. These gals are irresistible!

Most Ladies of Song on my List have low, huskier, seductive, “Jazz” voices. Ella Fitzgerald, Amy Winehouse are perfect examples.

But today I want to show you Girls of Russian Rock. I mean Pop Rock, of course, or Art Rock – whatever you wish to name it.

Zemfira, (read Wiki here)an immense song-writing talent and a perfect voice-match for her own creations. She does not give much interviews, seems quite introverted – which is definitely my preferred type of artist! If I had to say one word  to recommend her, the world would have to be “Queen”. She sang the part of Freddie Mercury with Queen, the band!

Zemfira – I Have Been Looking For You, one of her first, most loved and popular songs:

Zamfira – Arrivederchi (Good-Bye), also one of the first (possible The First) of her most famous and favorite songs. She is saying good-bye to her city (and possible, her boyfriend).

Zemfira – London Sky, a most romantic and emotional one:

I’ll introduce you to more of My Favorite Ladies in Song next Thursday. Meanwhile, Enjoy the good company of Zemfira!




3 thoughts on “Women in Singing

  1. And what about that marvellous dame you first posted about a thousand years ago, Jouena ? – the Arabic song in the desert ?

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