Music from the Sun

What is the sunniest music of all? Raggae is!! Whenever you are down, gloomy, blue or whatever – raggae is the way to go!

Naturally, Bob Marley is the Father, the Promoter and the Pioneer and the  Savior of Reggae music style. Not only this cool, laid back guy from Jamaica revealed and contaminated the World with his music, but also kick-spread his awesome hairstyle! Sorry he had to go so early…

To many, “Sunshine Reggae” by Laid Back remains the best reggae song ever. It certainly is the most quintessential, to me.

Red Red Wine by UB40 is of of those songs everyone knows and sings along, but not many know who actually sings it. To me, that is the best recommendation for a song :

No Woman No Cry by Bib Marley is another song, could not fail to mention:

If you have a particular favorite reggae song, please share them with me in the comments!  Always appreciate new sounds!





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