A Boost for Home Improvement or Wish Map Alterations

Every girl, no matter where she lives, has a home improvement project (or 5!) on her mind, just about to begin or half-finished. Most of us have a clear idea of what exactly we want the outcome to look like. A mental picture. Even better – a real picture! Or a couple 🙂  And so we create Pinterest boards, one for every room, or one for every project. I know I do!

But no matter how many pins I collect, there is always That One Perfect Shot that renders the essence of my whole idea. It is the Alpha and Omega of my project.  That picture is either my Trigger. Or my Final Look. Either way, that photo is The Most Important one out of the whole project.

So, I offer you a way to stay on track and focused on your projects around the house for the current year! The treat here is that we get to do some Feng-Shuing and Wish Mapping!

Here is my idea. Take a floor plan of your house / apartment /room.  Pick your Perfect Shots for the projects you want to complete this year. And pin them to the floor plan!

To illustrate. Here is my floor plan:

Clean Floor Plan

And here is my Home Improvement Wish Map for 2014:

My Floor PLan w Pics

Of course, it does not mean that my rooms  would look exactly like in the pictures! I will adopt them to my personality, tweak, change colors, add personal touches and do all the other things to create my own unique and comfortable space. But you get the idea! Hang your Map where you and your family will see it most. Having this map in front of your eyes all the time will boost the project going, trust me 🙂

UPDATE: It’s the middle of June. I have completed one project from the list above and two more are under way!  Breakfast nook is nice and cozy. BBQ is half-way done. I have also added a DIY Roman Shade in the laundry room which I am in love with, but will share it a bit later.  And I am waiting for the drapery hooks for the dining room curtains. Besides, my tomatoes are doing great, too! See? What did I tell you – this stuff works!

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