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Just Bake!

My message for women this week is short and simple: Just Bake!

If you have your significant other –  bake! If you have not decided about that significant other, even better – you have time to polish your baking skills to perfection AND while practicing YOU get the cakes all for yourself! Unless of course you prefer testing your baking on a friend, a pet or a relative. Sharing is a virtue, after all 😉

Good baking has saved but one relationship and helped kick-start many!

I am sure you all have a baking pan or two. How long has it been since you used it for baking? And I do not mean frozen dough and store-bought frosting! To begin, you do not even need frosting!

Start slow. Bake once a week. Very soon you will discover that it actually takes as long as 10 mins to mix a basic cake dough! Toss it into the oven and it’s ready within 45 mins! 15 mins for cupcakes 😉

Start with a simple recipe, tested by a friend or your granny. Don’t set yourself up for frustration since the very beginning by choosing to bake a 3-layer chocolate-truffle-mushroom something, even if it IS the tastiest cake on Earth!  I recommend cupcakes. Can’t fo wrong with cupcakes. What? Don’t have a cupcake pan? No worries! Pour the dough into any round/square/rectangle form you have at hand!

And don’t sweat the frosting and the creaming – skip the step completely this time! Use condensed milk over a piece of cake or jam. Pays back tons!

Tip: Please – oh please! – use butter or margarine instead of a spray to butter your pan before pouring dough! Butter the pan, sprinkle with flour – you are protected and healthier off!

Tip: Butter. Please check the ingredients on the package when buying butter and margarine.  Don’t be intimidated by the label! All you need is the word “Ingredients”, usually found below the Nutrient Info. The only ingredients that must be in a butter are milk, and maybe salt. All the other unpronounceable letters should not be on your table, neither should they be a part of your cake.

Now, because nature is unpredictable, mishaps happen, without notice:

1276870_570883376305498_1480218905_o 20140302_111206 20140302_112905 But as we all know – practice makes perfect!  Though personally I am not going to attempt those American red velvet pancakes anymore, thank you.

To cheer you up, I confess that cakes have not come easy to me, as well. The whole thing requires some fine-tuning, but oh my is it worth it!


Now I cook several times a week and I LOVE it! Usually I do not enjoy cooking dinner, but baking is a whole other story! It does not matter how tired I am, there is always time for a little tasty something 🙂

On Saturday (tomorrow) I will be making traditional Russian Easter Cakes. The recipe, as the tradition of baking Easter Cakes, has been in my family for over 100 years, and I am in no way giving it up!

Who’s with me up for a challenge?! Let’s bake, ladies!


3 thoughts on “Just Bake!

    1. To me, Exibiting failure is a way to encourage women to bake. I have had so many flops, i stopped counting! And with the simplest of recipes! Though the one posted was perhaps the worst. My usual complaint is that a cake does not rise as much as i want. Its eatable, and even tasty, but i know it can be better! so yeah – just bake!

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