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Neybers Unite!

Facebook is a ruthless time-killer and mind-dumber. But! It suggested that I check out a new app for interior design. Being a sucker for those, I did not even try to resist.

So, here I am at A free design app, created by a Scandinavian start-up. User friendliness of this app is phenomenal! Which can hardly be said about many other app of that lot. Choose a room template, pick wall and ceiling colors, fill the room with curtains, lamps, furniture, pillows – you name it! Save the image and go shopping for supplies – consider your new reno project half way complete!

Now, I should warn the picky minds that not all furniture is as maneuvre-able as desired, not all colors available, might be tricky to pick the room template exactly matching your room, but hey! This is only a beta version. And in my experience, if a BETA is that good, I can’t wait to use the first official edition! The only real drawback could be that currently the app is only available for destops and Ipads. Though I’d give you heads up 😉

Now, take a look for yourself and mind – it really IS as easy and functional as in this short presentation:


Disclaimer: have no idea who I am and what I am doing here telling everyone how much I loved their app.



2 thoughts on “Neybers Unite!

  1. I’m confused, Jouena – you say ‘desktops’, but it’s a touchscreen. When I say ‘desktop’ I mean a screen without touch functionality. ???

    1. Nah, Touchscreen is not an issue. a desktop should be any PC, actually. Count laptops, old type machines with a separate box under the desk, you know! This app does not run on Android devices, and those are mostly smartphones, like Samsung.

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