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Worry or Not, Here I come! – Lunar Eclipse

Women are influenced by the Moon. Doubt it or not – it is what it is. Just as the Moon goes through its phases, women go through stages of emotional states,  naturally governed by our physiology.  In order to keep our sanity and at least resemblance of balance in our lives, we should understand our body and its processes, we should observe and analyse the swings of our moods to draw connections and understand the causes, and work towards eliminating the disturbing issues and devoting more time to what calms us down and makes us happy. For me, the “happy” activity is baking, making desserts and a bit of gardening.

But sometimes no matter what you do, everything just seems to be slipping away from you.  Blame it on the Moon  🙂

Here is a simple chart of Moon phases, in case you are not familiar and find these “moon” talks confusing:


A good aid for us, women, is to distribute our energy according to the Moon phases.

For instance, don’t plan to move houses when the Moon is waning. Don’t begin renovating during the waning stages of the Moon. Plan new beginnings for the growing Moon period! Pure logic, isn’t it?

Besides, there are days that are simply not made for any strenuous activity. The 11th day of the New Moon and the 11th day of the Full Moon as well as the Moon  eclipses.

The 11th day of the New Moon and the 11th day of the Full Moon are best to be spent in peace, quietly, in meditation about yourself, trying to identify your personal character faults and finding ways to conquer those. Or perhaps getting deep into your soul to find answers to issues from the past, to learn to forgive, to let go. It is best to keep a fast on these days. No water, no food. You would be surprised at how well 1 day of fasting would do! As soon as you learn not to concentrate on how hungry you are, you will find time and a way to tap your inner self – to listen to what your body is telling you, to see a long lasting inner conflict from a different perspective and find a way out, perhaps even reveal something you have wanted to do/ to become,  but have forgotten all about it over the stress of daily life.

Now, if complete fasting is new and hard to even imagine, have one moderate meal that day, preferably lunch. But no meat, no fish, no dead animals and no mushrooms! And NO GRAINS. Whatever you do these 2 days every  month, DO NOT consume grains and any grain products. At all. These include bread and bakery, as well as beans and beet root.

It is believed that grains and beans collect and store the sins of people, and on these 11th day of Full and New Moon, grain release all the bad energy stored within. Thus, consuming grains and beans during these days, we absorb the additional very negative energy, which none of us needs.

A word on Lunar Eclipse. A total lunar eclipse is happening nest week, April 14-15.

An eclipse is a tricky and stressful time. Especially for women. It is advised to not undertake any important actions, decisions, trips, to not begin new project 2 weeks before and 2 weeks after the eclipse. It is of course up to you to know how realistic this advice is in your circumstances. But what any of us can do is closely observe our surroundings during this month. It is believed that every one and every thing that we come across during the month of lunar eclipse, is a reflection of ourselves, our inner self and our problems. That is, if now you are more than ever disturbed by a particularly annoying co-worker, stop and think – perhaps you are annoyed at the very thing that is the most annoying in yourself? This is how you are being pointed to something that you have the power to change for the better. Maybe you should stop gossiping as much, even if it’s just small talk at a coffee break. Maybe you should see how many things are there in your life to be thankful for, instead if complaining. The possibilities for improvement are endless. And this is the time of revelation, so that you know unmistakably what to do and where to go. Now, isn’t it thoughtful of our Lady Moon to care for us like this 🙂

Advice: try to keep calm and not to argue over this time – relations spoiled this month have slim chances for revival. Pick you battles and sing peace treaties wherever possible. Don’t sweat the stuff you cannot change – it’s a waste of energy you cannot afford now. Ladies, this one is especially for us –  mind your tongue, as it causes more damage than we might have intended.  Don’t overeat – cook at home, share your meal with someone you like, take your time to feel the taste of the food. Avoid alcohol and meat.

Oh, and NO GRAIN policy is in effect during the eclipse as well!

Try it – you won’t be disappointed! I promise – complete fasting, without any water,  for the whole day is unimaginably difficult. But! It is also incomparably rewarding! First of all, you will learn to appreciate your food. Secondly, it’s a great score towards boosting your self-esteem! What other reasons does a girl need!?

Have an unforgettable Total Lunar Eclipse experience, guys! 



2 thoughts on “Worry or Not, Here I come! – Lunar Eclipse

  1. I don’t even know how I ended up here, but I thought this post was great.
    I do not know who you are but certainly you are going to a famous blogger if you aren’t already 😉 Cheers!

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