So, you like chicken nuggets?

Americans seem to love their chicken nuggets. Take KFC with their huge buckets, McDonald’s and most surprisingly – rows of shelves of frozen nuggets in grocery stores!

I am not the healthiest eater around, I like my fast-food chain burger once in a while, with Cola and fries, but buying nuggets from there? That remains beyond my understanding. No matter what the ads promote, those nuggets are not healthier than a burger from the same place. Besides, they are coated with such a thick layer of – what is supposed to be  – bread crumbs, that there is hardly any meat left. I am not even going to question those “bread crumbs” here.

Guys, cooking fresh chicken nuggets from scratch at home is easy, unsophisticated and takes 15 mins! The benefits are – if not obvious – numerous! 1. Meat is fresh. 2. Spices are to YOUR liking. No extra salt to cover what it is a producer might want to conceal. 3. Bread crumbs are BREAD crumbs or even better – use whole wheat flour for coating!! 4. Cooking oil is fresh, not over-fried, and can be substituted with any healthier oil of your choice!

Here is my way of making chicken nuggets:



Step 1: Take 1 chicken fillet. Clean it. Cut it into as many pieces as you like! I prefer larger but thinner.

Step 2: Mix spices: 1 t sp salt, 0.5 t sp ground pepper, 1 t sp ground ginger, 0.5-1 t sp ground tumeric (it gives a lovely orange color), a pinch of ground cinnamon and 1 Tb sp vinegar. You are welcome to use any spices you like and avoid vinegar altogether!

Step 3: Cover the chicken with spices. Don’t be afraid to make your hands dirty, it pays back tons!


Step 4: Heat the pan with the oil (I prefer a large pan to fit all the pieces together).

Step 5: Here is how chicken becomes nuggets. Coat your pieces of chicken in flour. Don’t over do this one – the less the better. I recommend using whole wheat flour. Yep, there’s my to-be nugget right there:


Step 6: Fry your nuggets! Luckily, they do not demand constant attention 🙂 Check on them mainly to know when to turn them over. Fry on both sides, of course.



This is about how I like my nuggets to look when done:


And again, you can use any spices you like, just remember not to use too much salt – it is not healthy. You can use any cooking all, too. Sunflower oil is the best for frying, it is smell-less and does not release undesirable  chemicals when heated. Vegetable oil comes next. Though Canola oil is really hot here, personally I do not favor it and do not use it on my kitchen.

Moreover, to make your nuggets most healthy-friendly – grill them instead of frying!

Meanwhile, enjoy your lunch, guys!

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4 thoughts on “So, you like chicken nuggets?

  1. Can’t actually LIKE it, Jouena – but I DO like your offering a healthier alternative – MUCH healthier. I’m all for that, clever you ! 🙂

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