Red Rock

In case you had no idea (which not many have due to the specific character of the Sin City), there are mountains in Las Vegas. Real mountains. 30 minutes away from the Strip.

Here is my proof:          Red Rock Canyon, Las Vegas, Nevada

20140112_150730 20140119_144751 20140119_154043

That up there is the tree we set up as our destination for this time:


We had a lovely lunch up there, and this is the view of the valley from behind the tree. It’s hard to believe, but the famous Las Vegas Boulevard, aka the Strip, is still visible from up here. It’s far in the distance, but feels like in a parallel Universe.



These mountains are indeed red in color,  with pleasant rough texture and remind me of a layered Napoleon cake, really! Really easy to climb, too. No climbing equipment necessary, besides good shoes, naturally and maybe a pair of slip-preventing gloves. I would even call it walking up the mountains, so layered and steps-like they are. Not comparable to the Carpathians or Georgian mountains I am used to!

Some rock formations are quite engaging. This one reminded us a toad or a dragon.



Another one looked like a horse:



This last  one needs no caption 🙂





5 thoughts on “Red Rock

  1. TERRIFIC photos, Jouena ! – interesting and fun.
    I believe I’ve seen some of that area in years gone by when watching ‘CSI’; but only as background, of course.
    It was quite inspirational of you to get outside the box, as it were, and do this little shoot. GOODONYER !!!

  2. Fantastic post Elena, looks like you had a lovely day. I like this as a creative reminder to us all here to look past the obvious, when people think Vegas they think the Strip but it’s nice to be reminded there is so much natural beauty around that is also worth visiting.

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