Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Woman

Plan your Week by the Stars

A woman has a lot of very different tasks and should take up a number of various roles, such as a mother, an employee, a cook, a Master Mind, she has to do the laundry and the dishes, buy groceries, buy a new blouse and skin care, workout, chit-chat with her girlfriends, listen sympathetically to her man, be a Muse and a hetaera. Most importantly, a woman must be in bed by 10pm to enjoy her Beauty Sleep!

And she only has a week to accomplish all the above.

That’s why women like to plan, to make lists. That is why most of us get really upset and flip out easily when things don’t go as we had planned.

Also, have you ever noticed that one and the same task is sometimes more difficult to accomplish than at other times? Say, it takes you 1,5 hours on a Wednesday night after work to clean up all the house, top to bottom, while it will take 4 hours on a Sunday and you still won’t be satisfied with the result?

The reason might sound unconventional to some. But hear me out.

Every day of the week is influenced by a certain celestial object, like planets, or the Sun (which is a star), or the Moon (the natural satellite of the Earth). Therefore, the energy of days differs. So, to be able to complete the tasks on time, successfully and – most importantly! – without extra stress and effort, a woman should know which activity is favorable on a given day.

Let’s start with Sunday.

Sunday is influenced by the Sun. The Sun is responsible for organizing. This is a good day to begin a week. Spend some time alone, analyze the coming week, plan ahead what is best to be done on which day. It’s a good day to make lists – a list created on a Sunday has all the chances to be completed successfully in due time. Sunday is also a day for meditation, for investigating your inner self, maybe decide which of your personal flaws (if you have any) to work on over the coming week. Sunday is also a Father’s day – call your father, or a father figure in your life, talk to him, listen what he has to share, bring him some made of wheat, as wheat is the symbol of the Sun. Try not to be down or blue on a Sunday, smile, wear something bright and enjoy your Sunday.

Monday is an international woman’s day J Monday is ruled by the Moon. The Moon loves socializing, enjoys to be cared for and good food. Therefore, it’s a perfect day for a woman to express her nature. It’s wonderful to gather with family and friends for a warm and pleasant tea-time chat, not a crazy party or high-cocktails. Such communication would be most fulfilling. Also, Monday is best day to buy groceries. And it is best suited for any kind of house chores. Go to the beach, take a bath, enjoy a massage. Wear cream and light natural colors.

Tuesday, on the other hand, is a perfectly man day. Tuesday is influenced by Mars, which is a very energetic planet. It is so energy-dense that it is a good day to solve conflicts. I do not mean to fight! But to stand your ground, if you have to. Tuesday is a good day to go to court. If you need to have something fixed or built _ a chair or an outside BBQ) that requires physical strength – go for it on a Tuesday. It’s also the day for logics and precise calculations, so a day for the Scholars. And it’s the best day to do sports – serious training would do you good on a Tuesday J

Wednesday is all about Mercury. A happy young vibrant planet. A perfect day for communication. Say, you need to start an advertising or a marketing campaign – Wednesday will get you the best results! It’s the day for practicing theoretical knowledge. Say, there is a philosophical question bugging you. Start a debate on Wednesday! Also, Wednesday is the day for herbs. So, you might want to start herb treatment on a Wednesday.

Jupiter controls Thursdays. And Jupiter favors general wisdom, deep understanding of one’s self, of the good and the bad. Talk to your teacher, meditate, take up a course in psychology. Jupiter also offers protection in legal issues. If you have appending court issue, Thursday may be the day for you to prove your right. It is a very social day, too, so having guests over is a good idea on a Thursday. My favorite thing about Thursdays is that it’s the best day to give presents J Thursday is a day of opportunities, it’s like Santa Claus – start something big, like a charity, something good, not for totally selfish reasons – Jupiter will empower such project.

Friday (my favorite!) is the second woman’s day. It is the day of Venus! Friday is the most favorable day for any woman’s affairs, like shopping for diamonds J A woman should be beautiful on a Friday. Wear make up, make our hair, pamper and beautify ourselves – this is how we, women, give honor to Venus. Friday is a day for romance. Go out on a date J Venus is the patron of Art. So, on Friday beautify your house with pictures or flowers. Or even better – take out the piece of art you have been working on for ages now and finish it! Write poetry! Go to the theater, enjoy music, dance and sing. Wear pink and pearls. Friday is the day for parties, for weddings. A woman should relax after a week of work.

Saturday is the day of Saturn, a day to sum up the past week. It’s good to do something about the house, to calm down. This is not a day for entertainment! Try to contemplate more and speak less. A good day for yoga J And the best day to spend outside, in the nature, preferably in the mountains, work in a garden. It’s a good day to spend with older people, to absorb their wisdom and to calm down. Oh, the only purchase you may want to make on a Saturday is real estate 😉 The color of Saturn is blue.

So, ladies, who’s going to the mountains tomorrow!?

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