Musical Thursday

Today instead of music to listen to, I want to show you some music to LOOK at.

Music – just as Love – can be found in the strangest places. As we walk through our days, slouched, eyes down stuck on the screen, a glimpse on the traffic light (that is if you are lucky you are physically walking, not driving), we leave no chance  to the bursts of color and  inspiration that may be surrounding us, calling out for our attention. Well, at least we hear music in our earphones…

I am grateful there are artists who color our grey streets. I am grateful there are photographers who NOTICE this art. I am grateful there are people who share these imprints with the rest of the world. So that we, those who are deep into our screens, are given a chance to SEE the wonders of music in modern life.

Click on the image to be taken to a gallery of 15 beautiful shots taken in unexpected  places:

Tuning the Violin








One thought on “Musical Thursday

  1. LOVELY images, Jouena !!! – and I recognise that wall music as, I believe, the Chopin Polonaise, yes ? Thanks for these: made my day. 😀

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