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30-day Challenge Update – Mid-Term Achieved!

This is a post about surprises.

As you know, I am working my way through the 30-day squat and abs challenge. Today is day 17.

Surprise # 1: I have not skipped a single day since I started! That is an achievement in itself.


Surprise #2. A workout does NOT take as much time as I had expected. 20 mins is all you need. I work out every day, after work. 2-3 mins for warm-up: a couple jumps, arm crosses. Then I do my squats. After the squats, I do my sit-ups and crunches.  2-3 mins to stretch afterwards – I really enjoy this last part!  Shower is extra and the time required is really very personal 🙂

Just to give you an idea: 140 squats take about 5 mins to complete!  There you go. No more excuses! ANYONE can afford to workout at least 3 times a week!

Surprise #3. I am capable of doing much – much!- more than I had EVER expected of myself.

2 years ago I did not even know how to squat. My Love showed me how. It didn’t stick with me, though 🙂 Now doing 100 squats is really no issue. The issue is rather that I  am NOT feeling the muscle pain after the workout.  But I am not saying this to show off. I’m saying that we ARE capable of much more than we think we are! So,once again – go for it!

Surprise #4. I can lift some weight. Since Day 9 I have started doing squats with weights.  I lift 5 lbs on a barbell while doing the 140 squats. Turns out that holding a little weight while doing squats is not such a huge deal. I mean, I was terrified by the idea, could bet my tooth I would not be able to do it once!  Now look at me – first squat challenge in my life and I do 140 squats with 5 lbs weight! Ha!


Ladies, I am a walking example that we can do whatever we set our minds on!

And you would not believe the satisfaction I get from working out. We could all surely use a boost of self-satisfaction, right?


4 thoughts on “30-day Challenge Update – Mid-Term Achieved!

    1. Thnx a lot! Oh my, they are lifting stuff! I seem to be leaning towards something like Jillian Michael’s workouts – active, jumping and short 🙂 did 1 week of her Ripped in 30 – loved it! never thought I would enjoy sports 🙂 But now I’m curious to try lifting as well – who knows? I might like it, too!

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