Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Woman

Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Woman

I have decided to start a new weekly topic on this blog. I want to call it “Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Woman”. And this is exactly what it will be about.


I want to share every-day life wisdom of our great-great-grandmothers on housekeeping, the ancient knowledge on relationships and how a woman can change her household to be a better, a more comfortable place for her family. I will also be telling you about astrology, the influence of planets on our lives and how a woman can  utilize this knowledge for the benefit of her family. I will continue to spread my passion for Feng-Shui and my personal examples of how well it works for myself. Another thing I will touch upon is herbs and spices and their immense power to cure, fix, improve not only our health, but our moods and our overall well-being. Aromatherapy – the study of smells and  how different smells (natural, preferably!) influence our mental and/or physical state – belongs in this particular chapter.

None of the things I am going to talk about require investing your hard earned cash. I do not claim that this information is the only ultimate truth, it will not cure a disease, or 100% fix broken relationships. None of this is magic. It is not religious. It is only common wisdom for good housekeeping, practiced successfully for ages by our ancestors, but forgotten with the development of technology.

Why have I decided to write about this particular subject?

Personal experience, as always.

Being a young woman in a modern world turns out to be a challenging task. Being brought up and educated in a “Western” style, I am full of feminism, ideas of independence and equality for women, ideas of how powerful women are and so on. But while all this is true at work, such attitude creates endless issues in personal relationships. We, modern women, do not know how to be a woman anymore. We have forgotten the skill and have no idea of the required characteristics. Growing up as girls, hardly any of us had a good example of a woman to follow. We are all strong and self-sufficient. This is exactly where the problem is rooted. A woman is not self-sufficient. Neither is a man. We are meant to complete each other.  Not to compete with each other.

And because women are more flexible in our mentality, more intuitive and sensitive to the emotional states, we are the ones who feel that there is  something is wrong in our lives, in hour families, in our households. We want to change the situation for the better. Not ruin, throw apart and leave. A woman is naturally inclined to fix, preserve and to improve the existing relations. The good news is that we absolutely can!

This is where I will share what I have learned  on how to become a Happy Modern Woman.

When will I post on the subject?

I intend to make Friday the “Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Woman”  day.  Why? Because you can apply the new information on a Friday night and throughout the weekend and you might even see the results by Monday morning 🙂


9 thoughts on “Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Woman

      1. Now what on earth makes you think that ???
        But seriously, me little love: I shall never read any of your posts on these things you are deeply attached to for the purpose of attempting to mock them. No-one has the right. I am prepared to say things (as I have) like “You’ve lost me on this”, but that’s as far as I’d go. And as you’re aware we don’t think as one on all things, there’d be no point in saying even that again. Go ahead and write your heart out, and there will be TONS who agree with you; I shall remain mute.

      2. MR, i’m afraid i got lost in translation… dont even know how to explain myself now. I dont write to be agreed with, not at all! And as much as i love that u n I have many views in common, i know we are very different in many attitudes. And that’s the beauty of our communication! And surely i never minded you joking about any of my posts or ideas!! I hope this will help set us back on the path we were!

      3. But I see no point at all in my thrashing the fact that I don’t see things your way re, say, feng shui. You know it already: why should I say it again ?

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