Ancient Wisdom for a Modern Woman

Inside out and it’s consequence

Since early childhood I was told to pay very close attention and make sure never to put my clothes – especially underwear! – on inside out. The reason, besides the appatently obvious, may not be as visible.
According to one ancient Slavic superstition, should one put his/her clothes on inside out, one would inevitably be beaten black n blue.
Now, of course you have all the reasons to laugh your head off and/or  smirk sceptically. However, I myself is the walking proof that the superstition is true and has not lost its power through the centuries.
First time the curse took effect on me when I was about 12 years old. My family was  spending Christmas at our close friends. There were 4 of us, the kids and we were having blissful time jumping on sofas, pillow fighting, playing hide’n’seek all over the house. I was the one who got constantly beaten by every thrown pillow, or a ball,or anything thrown,  really. Not until I was changing into my pijamas at night had I realised that my panties were inside out all day!
Another accident happened quite recently. My Love was grumpy and when I shared with him a request a friend  had asked of me, Love managed to turn it all against me in a way that I appeared almost a criminal! Well, in the morning I realised his pijamas was inside out and as soon as he took it off, all it took was a nice Good morning hug to set things straight.
Thus, the bottom line here is this:  mind your underwear and never wear it inside out! 
Safe weekend to all! 

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