Fitter, not Fatter

30 day Challenge – Update

I’m going to start with a confession. As I promised, I started my 30 day Squat and Abs challenge last Friday. It took less than 15 mins altogether! And it was easy to do, so I might actually be in a better shape than I had expected (what?!) BUT. Staying true to my habit of breaking every change to a healthy lifestyle resolution, I blew the following two days. Yeah, weekend was too busy for a 15 mins workout. No excuse.

However, I started over on Monday. Besides, what’s good of a Monday, if you don’t start something Big on one?

Today is Day 3 of my 30 day challenge. And I am on it! It still feels easy, but I know what’s coming and I am not in a rush to increase the pressure 🙂

Naturally, no apparent change in shape yet. I don’t feel feel swollen! Which I wish I did – it would give me the satisfaction from a workout. Now my only question is: what if I’m doing it all wrong? Oh well, time (and its ally, the Mirror) will show.

Keep up the good work and stickl to your resolutions! Don’t let a tiny slip break you!

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